After studying a degree in Mathematical Sciences at the Complutense University he decided, to his parents’ displeasure, to give his life a complete turnaround and changed from numbers to decoration. He studied a diploma in Interior Design at the European Institute of Design in Madrid and at the University of Montreal, Canada. Since then he has worked as an interior designer at the studios of Paco Terán and Ignacio García de Vinuesa, as a window display designer for El Corte Inglés and MANGO, he has given classes at the European Institute of Design in Madrid, and gives conferences all over Spain with the support of Idearium, TuReforma and El Periódico del Azulejo.


Technical Engineer in Industrial Design, specializing in Interior Design.

He was born in Coria, graduated from Mérida, specialized in Salamanca then, to turn this bizarre love triangle into a quadrilateral of happiness, he ended up in Madrid where he develops interior design projects with the support of Guille García-Hoz.


A graduate of fine arts, specializing in interior design.

The twists of life led him to work with Guille García-Hoz, where he went from intern to essential team member, thanks to his knowledge of graphic design and 3D. But don’t forget that here we all do a bit of everything!