While studying Mathematic Science I used to work analising data all of my job was about a number, a computer, a spreadsheet anda data base from which I had to find out how many people had bought diapers three years ago to send them tricycle catalogues...

 I didn´t get to know those people nor the tricycles and even less where or how or even by whom they were made: I was missing something, the world of the tangible goods, speaking to people and getting involved in all the process

I can´t think of a happier ending for that young trainee who didn´t understand why the world had to be such a grey place.

In opposition to the algorithms inmediacy we do believe in arts and crafts, human contact and making thins in the good old fashion way. Because definding them is defending who we are and our cultural heritage.


Not in vain UNESCO declared Talavera Pottery, where we produce most of our collection, intagible heritage of humanity.



Thus we travel, find and discover artisan workshops and mixing their knowledge with design we develop this collection which today we put at your disposal.



Wether you are looking for the perfect gift or for that piece to be the icing of the any decoration giving it personality, humanity and the warmth that sustainability and the good work you are in the right place.

As a decorator I know how hard it can be finding objects having all these virtues.

 We are based in Madrid, in calle Génova number 4 and we ship worldwide, designing these pieces since 2012 and online since 2016.

Our team is composed by artisans from different parts of Spain.

If you should have any inquiry please do not hesitate con contact us and/or our Instagram @holaguille_shop

And please do have a very nice day.