Robustiana Matt Pure Lamp


Robustiana is a 30 years old humanized walrus, with a 68% of animal DNA and a 32% of human DNA. She was born in Greenland, birth country of her mother, but since she was a little girl, she lives in San Sebastián, in the north of Spain, because her mother married a full blooded Basque and they decided to go live there.

She studied marine sciences, and just when she finished her degree, she founded with her best friend Rosamari, a successful company of cultivation and home delivery of seaweed, that triumphs throughout Europe and that will soon expand to America and Asia.

Robustiana is calm, protector, friend of her friends and would love to form a large family, together with the love of her life, which she is engaged. She has a wide social circle, and is very active in Greenpeace, to which she also allocates 10% of the profits of her company.

She is tanorexic diagnosed, and in her city there are not too many sunny days, so she goes through all the tanning centers of the province in order to get the right skin tone.

She also loves water, and that is why she is part of the regional synchronized swimming team and when she leaves the training session, she socializes in an Icebar of the “Concha Beach”, where they serve delicious Kakigōris slightly seasoned with txacolí (typical wine of the region) of which, she is totally addicted.

Completely hand crafted in ceramic powder. Acrylic painting with ceramic varnishing. Shining or matte finish to be chosen.

It can be done in different colours or combinations of colours. Available under request


Hight              43 cm / 16.92 inches

Width             22 cm / 8.66 inches

Depth             24 cm / 9.49 inches

Each piece is unique, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity (Bulb not included)


Fragile. Avoid crashes ad falls.


You may dust it with a dry or slightly humid cloth. No aggressive chemichals.


Approximate shipping time 15 days


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