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        Rituel Nature - Candles

        Smell, breathe, feel ... what nature has to offer.Discover an aromatic garden with a thousand virtues, a collection inspired by nature and its benefits formulated with the greatest care.A strong commitment: home fragrances based on natural essential oils, a 100% vegetable wax, 100% cotton candle wicks and French manufacturing for a reduced ecological footprint.A return to nature and the basics, for your greater well-being.New: organic labeled essential oils are now enriching the range and complementing this beneficial ritual. Combustion Duration +/- 40hHeight 9.1 cmDiameter 7.5 cmWeight 180gVegetable wax Fragances: - Lavande menthe crépue - Lavender and Mint - Fleur d'oranger patchoulí -...

        Confiserie Générale - Candles

        Souvenirs of the chocolate of yesteryear for winter Thursdays, golden cookies for outings to the park, barley sugars and melting caramels on funfair days. Through their addictive scents, our scented candles immerse you in the delights of such regressive delicacies ... Combustion Duration +/- 40hHeight 8.3 cmDiameter 7.3 cmWeigt 166 gVegetable wax Fragances: - Caramel au lait - Caramel Toffee - Milk, Cream, Butter, Caramel, Tonka, Vanilla and Sugar - Créme brûlée vanille - Vanilla Creme Brulee - Milk, Caramel, Vanilla and Praline - Éclats de spéculoos - Speculoos - Nutmeg, Ginger, Cinnamon, Caramel, Sugar, Biscuit and Vanilla - Petite madeleine...

        Portus Cale Soap

        Filled with tradition, this Portus Cale soap is born from the exclusive combination of a 100% vegetable base, a sophisticated perfume made in Europe and a careful design. To these carefully selected ingredients we have added our passion for Portugal and the love and dedication that our craftswomen put into each hand stamped and hand wrapped soap. The result is nothing but a truly affordable luxury piece that fits into the palm of your hands.   150 gr.

        Fragance Diffuser Portus Cale

        Oil-based fragrance diffuser containing natural essential oils, carefully made to elegantly fragrance and personalise any room. It does not contain alcohol and, therefore, evaporates slowly.Displayed in a signature bottle hand blown in Portugal by glass artisans, exclusively for the brand, it includes a stopper made of cork that should be extracted in the same way as a cork in a wine bottle (that is, by rotating it). Natural reeds included. Aqua: Sea salt, Cut grass and Watermelon Butterflies: Sugarcane and Lemongrass

        The Saw - Flower Attitude

        Candle Holder Design: MArcantonio RAimondi MAlerba Material: Handcrafted fine porcelain Size: 40x9 cm h. 6,3 cm

        Parrot Jug

        Don't be a boring tea hat, pour in style with this parrot jug. Fill the parrot jug with tea in his head and pour through his beak. The parrot jug is made of porcelain and dishwasher safe. Size: 10 x 18 x 28 cm Contain: 1.25 L