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        Oh My Deer Gerardo Wall Lamp

        Porcelain stag trophy available in two diferent fineshis, matt and glazed. This variation has sleeves instead of horns, so you can use it as a wall lamp with decorative bulbs ( not included) Talavera Ceramic Centre. Guille García Hoz. 45cm height  33cm width  28cm dept

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        Piluco Pig Lamp

        Ceramic lamp handmade in Spain, finished in gloss enamel. The bulb is not included. E27 bulb socket. Height: 23 cm Width: 38 cm Length: 11 cm

        Cándida Squirrel

        Ceramic, white glazed lamp (light bulb not included). With the shape of a squirrel, named Cándida. She has such good ideas that in the end his head became a light bulb. It can be used as a tablelamp and wall-mounted. Width: 13 cm  Height: 9 cm  Length: 20 cm

        Lamp Spike

        Ceramic lamp hand made by master craftsmen following the complex traditional technique of Talavera ceramics. The pieces undergo two firings: first the bare clay piece at 1050º, and then, after it has been enameled and painted, a second one at 990º, which gives the piece a special finish. Bulb not included.  Ø 13,5 cm Height 30 cm

        70's Wall Lamp

        Wrought glass + brass + metal Dimensions: 7x22x13 cm

        70's Square Wall Lamp

        Plastic + metal Dimensions: 26x26x8 cm

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        Leaf Wall Lamp

        Brass + metal Dimensions: 63x63x12 cm

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        Table Lamp Old Heater

        Metal.   Unique Piece. Dimensions: 38,5x52x19 cm

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        Old Embossed Sheet Metal Lamp

        Handmade lamp with an embossed old sheet metal. Unique Piece Dimensions: 55x55x63 cm SHIPPING COSTS NOT INCLUDED   This product does not support free shipping promotions. Shipping may be arranged: ask us for details.

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        Brass Wall Lamp

        Handmade. Unique Piece. Dimensions: 102,5x4,5x8 cm SHIPPING COSTS NOT INCLUDED   This product does not support free shipping promotions. Shipping may be arranged: ask us for details.

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        Hipólito Matt Pure Lamp

        Hipolito is a hippo with a 70% of animal DNA and a 30% of human DNA. He has incorporated human traits and expressions and is able to walk on his back legs. He’s kind of lazy but also patient. He makes slow, long moves. His favorite hobbies are watching TV, eating pizza and having two-hour long naps with no one to bother him. He is currently unemployed but used to work as a gardener until some months ago. He is on the hunt for a partner online and buys stuff compulsively at late-night shopping TV-shows. His favourite item from them...

        Ceferino Matt Pure Lamp

        Ceferino is a humanized rhino. With an 82% of animal DNA and an 18% of human DNA, he can stand on his robust back legs and run long distances at a good speed. He can be a bit aggressive, even cocky and despotic some times. But behind that tough mask, lies a tender heart. His hobbies are boxing, illegal car races and eating spiced tripe stew. He works as a club bouncer on weekends, which he combines with his weekday job as a fitness instructor at a community gym. He changes girlfriends as often as he changes his shirt and...